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The UroLift System Reimbursement Support Program is designed to streamline and expedite the Benefits Verification and Prior Authorization approval processes for the UroLift System procedure.

Teleflex is committed to improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery and, as such, our innovative program offers clear and functional benefits that will enable Healthcare Providers (HCPs) to focus more on delivering quality care to patients and less on administrative burdens.

Program Offerings
  • Benefits verification
  • Prior authorization support
  • Claim and appeals support
  • Provider dashboard
  • Reporting
Benefits of the Program
  • Customized portal
  • Simplified workflow
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Rapid turnaround time: Receive a summary of benefits within 2 business days
  • Payor-specific, pre-populated prior authorization forms
  • Ensures information is provided accurately, thereby minimizing delays or rejections
How to Sign Up
  1. Visit the Teleflex Provider Portal at www.urolifthcpportal.com or scan the QR code
  2. Click Sign Up on the home page, and then select
    your role
    Note: Only individuals with an NPI # should select the role: “provider”
  3. Enter your account details, and then click Create Account
  4. Click the link in your Welcome email to continue the registration process
    Note: The link expires after 24 hours
  5. Set up your new password and security questions
MA01256-01 Rev A-Reimbursement-QR-4c
Once registered, you can access the portal and submit patient enrollment forms to request benefit verificationsand prior authorization support.
How to Enroll a Patient
  1. Log in to the portal
  2. Click Patient Enrollment in the navigation menu
  3. For new patients, click New Enrollment or Select an existing patient to enroll for new services
  4. Click Submit Patient Information
  5. Review the patient’s information; if correct, click Continue
  6. Select office, provider, device (UroLift™), then complete the enrollment form
Enrollment Form-76-1
Best Practices
  • Designate a staff champion or point-person
  • Schedule staff training(s) on top payor plans and the UroLiftSystem Reimbursement Support Program
  • Standardize collection of data – establish consistent documentation requirements within the practice
  • Participate in Quarterly Business Reviews with your Teleflex team
Dedicated Support

The Teleflex Reimbursement Access Team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have throughout the Prior Authorization process and is committed to providing exceptional customer service and a positive experience for our customers.


EAST | Thelma Robinson, CPC

National Manager, Reimbursement Access

M: +1.704.420.5566

E: thelma.robinson@teleflex.com


Jessa Mancini - North Area

NORTH | Jessa Mancini

Reimbursement Access Specialist

M: +1.551.815.9606

E: jessa.mancini@teleflex.com



CENTRAL | Jessica Winstel

Reimbursement Access Specialist

M: +1.859.446.9832

E: Jessica.winstel@teleflex.com


WEST | Carla Olison, MPA

Reimbursement Education Manager

M: +1.510.504.1337

E: carla.olison@teleflex.com



SOUTH | Wealtherly Collins

Reimbursement Access Specialist

M: +1.925.400.3471

E: wealtherly.collins@teleflex.com